African Development Bank Group Country Policy and Institutional Assessment
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2020 CPIA Exercise
Explore the overall picture of the 2016 CPIA evaluations showing the aggregated scores, rankings and a detailed view of the performance of each country with complete data series going back to 2004.
Get a yearly overview on aggregated CPIA scores, cluster scores and rankings of countries eligible to ADF.
Bring two or more ADF-eligible countries on a single chart and compare their respective performances and trends according to a criterion or CPIA cluster.
Check the data of ADF-eligible countries on a table or on a map and download a complete database, with series going back to 2004, for each criterion or CPIA cluster.
Explore the annual scores for each criterion or CPIA cluster of ADF-eligible countries and analyze the possible correlation with national income and infrastructure development.
Country Profile
Explore the CPIA profile of an ADF-eligible country and get access to its detailed scores for each criterion and the evolution of its performance over the past ten years as well as a summary analysis of its performance by CPIA cluster and additional indicators.
The CPIA is a diagnostic tool that annually assesses the quality of a policies and the performance of institutional frameworks in the 54 African countries.
Key Documents
Questionnaire for the 2018 CPIA Edition
(1.08 MB) - September 21, 2018
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